Project Description

Site Location  –  Botad, Gujarat

Site area  –  2400 Sq.M.

Construction Area  –  2950 Sq.M.

Project Architect  –  Keyur Khorasia, Devang Patel

Project Team  –  Sagar Adodaria


Hare Krishna Bungalows is a large social housing neighborhood on the fringes of Gadhada. The brief consists of 118 homes consisting of four-bedroom units with individually allocated allotments. The scheme situated right on the bank of the primary way of transport leading towards Botad.

The proposal consists of a series of two-story volumes placed in a row along with the path that leads to the main connecting street perpendicularly. The external spaces with amenities like, Clubhouse, swimming pool, Green spaces placed right in the entrance of the site which acts as a functional threshold that mediates between the urban scale of the city and the domestic scale of the residences.

Each unit has its own small urban space that encourages social connection and interaction. Inside spaces are a composition of intriguing double height space linking the levels at the most prime space of the dwelling, All other spaces are just attachments to that.

  • Project detail
  • Title: Hare Krishna Bungalows
  • Client: M/s Lakshmi Narayan Developers
  • Category: Social Housing