About us

Elemental studio is controlled practice, we are interested in an intimate relationship with our studio, our team, our collaborators, our drawings products and our clients. The extremely personal way to run our studio gains us immense pleasure and happiness. Studio was established in 2009 by Ar. Keyur Mewada, Ar. Keyur Khorasia and Ar. Devang Patel. The Trio, who pursued their architecture degree from M.S.Univeristy, met as fellow students way back in 2004. After successfully completing their degree, they began their professional careers, here Ar. Keyur Mewada worked with Ar. Kiran Pandya, Ar. Keyur Khorasia pursued his M.Arch (Theory & Design) at CEPT, University. He is author of booked named: “Architecture Space, Issues & Materials”, worked with Ar. Nimish Patel & Parul Zaveri. Ar Devang Patel worked with Ar. Soloman Canara. The honest approach towards the designs inspired them to be together and create elemental studio.


We in the studio concentrate on sense of light, Passive ventilation, sensitive material selection, the act of putting things together, inner sensibility that contributes to that special feel or quality, sensitivity and social interaction. Our approach, is to make a difference in our clients lives and business practice by building a structure that is functional, enviro-friendly, cost effective and aesthetically appealing.

The studio passionate about architectural design & interior, we add up “value” to your project, be it aesthetic or programmatic. We Prioritize,

Honest, approach towards client’s problem & its solutions
Sensible, approach in handling project context & client’s financial
Simplicity & Functionality, essential design objective
Flexibility, between client’s vision and architects’ approach
Clarity, for all aspects of the programmatic approach
“Our ultimate objective is to enhance experiences of the end-users, through our project”
“Our ultimate objective is simply happiness – a sense of doing something meaningful.”