Project Description

Site Location  –  Mehasana, Gujarat

Site area  –  2900 Sq.M.

Construction Area  –  4235 Sq.M.

Project Architect  –  Keyur Mewada, Keyur Khorasia

Design Team  –  Vipul Prajapati


In keeping with strict local requirements, our designers progressed the call for a clear glass façade into a gently undulating wooden textured aluminum tiling system, whilst conforming with the local aesthetics also follows Sanskurti Jaydev to stand out and become a beacon of development within the area.

The brief of the Sanskruti Jaydev was to design a new vibrant, key urban block in Mehsana city’s newest developing area.

The identity of the building was an important part of the brief. Situated right at the panchot circle, the site provides the best opportunity to explore aesthetics at its best.

Elemental studio, Ahmedabad offers 4235 Sq.M. of commercial floor space which is set to bring 48 businesses into the area with the emphasis being put on creating an everyday social atmosphere around this.

  • Project detail
  • Title: Sanskruti Jaydeep
  • Client: M/s Sanskruti Group
  • Category: Commercial Complex