Project Description

Site Location  –  Surendranagar, Gujarat

Site area  –  3400 Sq.M.

Construction Area  –  8700 Sq.M.

Design Team  –  Keyur Mewada, Keyur Khorasia, Devang Patel


Sangath hills is designed with luxurious amenities with all comforts and conveniences. In tandem with efficiency and elegance, these homes are planned and spacious spaces are created which allows the apartments to be well lit with the natural flow of light, seeking cross ventilation, materials, a celebration of the colors, due to the movement of the sun that creates a magical atmosphere.


Structural Designer         –              M/s. Parvati consultant


  • Project detail
  • Title: Sangath Hills
  • Client: M/s Shiv Infra
  • Category: Social Housing